About Us

The idea of designing high-quality guest garden borders made of glass and metal was born almost 18 years ago. Although known already before that, it was only implemented in a few places.

Since then we have gained a lot of experience, combined our customers’ ideas with ours and expanded our range of materials. We can refer to a large number of successfully completed projects.

Thats the reason we call ourselves “The specialist for design, planning, production, delivery and installation of your guest garden border”.

Our clientele includes luxury hotels as well as fast food restaurants. The wishes of our customers are important to us.

We will find the appropriate solution for you.

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This is us:

Ing. Rudolf Neuwirth

Consulting, planning, engineering, sales


Ina Bahnasy

Controlling, Accounting


Arch. Mag. Bahnasy

Architectural consulting


Dominique Bahnasy

office assistant


Rudolf Neuwirth

Assembly, delivery


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