If you need a platform for your outdoor dining area, be it for leveling between the road and the sidewalk, for leveling a slope, or for purely visual reasons, NB-Design also takes care of the planning, production and installation of these. In addition to our high stability standards, we put lots of effort into providing simple assembly, disassembly and storage solutions.

Plant-Containers and Raised Beds

It is often desirable to integrate plants into the garden border. Nb-Design has the perfect solution for this mater too. On request, we can deliver the plants already planted. Effective LED lighting can be integrated as well as automatic irrigation systems.

Raised flowerbeds are a new trend in outdoor catering. We supply flowerbeds that are specially tailored to your needs, in many shapes, up to special flowerbeds in the shape of your company logo.


It is often not possible to store all of the technical equipment for your outdoor catering inside the restaurant during the night. Protection of your valuable assets is therefore essential. We supply customized tarpaulins  made of resistant material, with and without printing. We would also be happy to supply you with transparent rain protection tarpaulins.

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