Outdoor dining culture starts with fencings by NB-Design

An Investment That Pays Off

A seamless designed outdoor area is the hallmark and billboard of your business. A substantial amount of revenue is generated through it. This makes putting special effort into the choice of fencings of your outside seating area a clear no-brainer.

Benefits of fencings by NB-Design

Fencings by NB Design invite to join and stay in your outside area. No mater how you call your outside dining area shanigarten or beer garden, the benefits of fencings by NB Design are always the same.


Timeless Design

Through its modern elegant design, fencings by NB Design suit every style of your establishment. You will find our fencings in front of luxury hotels as well as fast food restaurants. And they always cut a good figure. Its timeless design stands in harmony with modern architecture as well as with old town flair.


Quality For A Lifetime

Our fencings are made of stainless steel and premium safety glass. They are not only extrem durable, with just little care, they'll look like on the first day even after many years. Our products are 100% weather proof and can – provided that it appeals local laws – be used all year long.


Easy Installation

No worries if you need, or have to remove your fencings over the winter season. You will never need specialists or professional workers to do so. The installation is easy doable by 2 average gifted persons. A detailed Installation and deinstallation manual is of course included. To store the fencings you only needs little space and that can even be outdoors.


Perfect Space Use

Your fencings by NB Design are always built to order and are distinct by its slender depth. This means you don't loose any precious space, you could better use for tables and chairs.


One-Stop Service

Our service includes consultation, development, production, delivery and installation. If needed, we can also assist you with public authorities and provide you with all the necessary documentation and drawings.



Fencings by NB Design are largely customizable. We fulfill you visions and adapt the fencings to your needs.

Happy Customers