Frequently Asked Questions

Do the elements have to be firmly anchored or stabilized on the ground?

It depends on the type of garden edging, size and local conditions.

If an anchor is necessary, this is done with high-quality anchors from the Hilti program. The anchor points are made flush with the bottom and is closed after the removal of a border with threaded plugs which do not protrude above the floor.

If such anchoring is not possible, stabilization, if necessary, can be achieved via weights (e.g., plant pots).

We advise you for the necessary measures.

How long does the delivery take? Where do you deliver to? Is there a minimum order amount?

Depending on the version, the delivery time is three to five weeks.

We deliver worldwide. If we do not carry out the delivery ourselves, the dispatch takes place by forwarding agency, safely packed in wooden boxes.

There is no obligation to purchase a minimum amount of items. No project is too small and none too big.

How much do fencings by NB-Design cost?

It depends on the design and size of the project and the local conditions.

The price consists of the fencing itself, the delivery and installation, a possible ground anchoring and the selected additional options and additional services.

For most of the projects implemented so far, the cost per border has been EUR 420, - to EUR 750, -.

The business-promoting effect amortizes the border of NB Design very quickly.

We will gladly provide you with a free quote for your individual garden surround.

Which additional equipment do you offer?

Should a floor construction (platform) be necessary, we also supply this. Here we pay the greatest attention to simple assembly, disassembly and storage.

The border elements can be designed with your logo and can also be illuminated. Planters can be delivered already planted on request.

On request, we can also supply tarpaulins for your outdoor catering, storage pallets, transport trolleys and tools.

How long does the assembly take? Is specially trained staff required?

Usually the first assembly is done by us.

No specialists are needed for the eventual dismantling and reassembly of a NB-Design fencing.
Each fencing can quickly be dismantled and reassembled by two ordinary skilled people.

The average for the dismantling and reassembly process of a fencing of 10 elements is depending is 1.5 - 2 hours

How can the fencings be stored?

Storage of an NB Design patio surround requires no special precautions.
Due to the low depth, storage requires only little space.

If your existing storage space influence the extent of the individual glass elements, please let us know when making your request.

Due to the materials used (glass and stainless steel), storage is possible even outdoors. We recommend however, to cover the elements with plastic covers to protect them from coarse dirt.